custard kova

Yummy custard Kova


Custard powder - 1 cup

Milk - 4 cups

Sugar - 1/2 cups

Elachi Powder - 1/2 Spoon

Ghee - 1 Spoon

Kaju - Few

Chopped Dry coconut - according to the need


1. Take a bowl and place it on the stove.

2. Add Milk in it and let the milk boil for some time.

3. Then off the flame and let the milk get cool.

4. Now add custard powder in the milk which got cool.

5. Then mix finely so that there won't be any lumps.

6. Now place this mixture on the stove.

7. Then add sugar and elachi powder in it.

8. Now stir the mixture until the sugar get completely melt and it won't stick to the bowl.

9. When this mixture becomes bit hard then take a plate and apply ghee on it.

10. Now pour the custard mixture on the plate and spread the mixture on the plate.

11. Let it get cool a bit.

12. Then take a knife and cut this mixture into pieces.

13. Now garnish them with the chopped kaju and coconut.

14. Then place these pieces in the refrigerator.

15. After half an hour, take them out.

16. Therefore, yummy custard kova is ready.

About Yummy custard kova:

This is a sweet which can be prepare with in half an hour. It is very easy and interesting. There is no need to do any hard work for preparing this. Just we boil the milk and then we cool it then we mix the ingredients and boil them. and then we place the mixture on the plate and cut into pieces. Actually most of the people use custard powder for making ice creams and milk shakes. This is a new variety sweet with custard powder. when we keep the piece of this sweet in mouth it melt and the taste is amazing. I feel you also prepare this in your home and impress your relatives, parents and friends. If you offer this to the people who visit your house, they will feel happy. They will also try to learn to make this sweet. Mostly kids love to have these. The people who does not like sweet will also love have these, as there will be less sweet in taste. So all age people and diabetes people can also have this sweet. You also try this sweet and enjoy the taste. If you have any doubts, opinions, suggestions and experience with this sweet yummy custard kova. Please let us know through your comments.

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