If you get a single white hair in hands or see wrinkles below eyes, your mind fills with tensions. Isn't it? Perhaps, losing youth is the most dreadful dream of everyone's life. Is there anyone in this world who does not desire to stay young? Haven't you seen many people around you, who have passed their half century mark, yet stay so young and energetic? Sure, it's an achievable target, if you believe so. In this article, I am providing you five tips that you should start now itself, if you want to stay young.

Good food habits to keep you young


When you are leaving home hastily to reach office or college, with which thing do you compromise first very often to save a little time? If your answer is breakfast, you get your first minus mark here. If you want to stay energetic for the whole day, no other option can give you better energy than a healthy breakfast. So, if you want to stay young, never quit your breakfast, which is often known as 'brain food'.
If you can substitute your morning sugar tea with a cup of green tea, not only will you attain freshness but also stay young and healthy. Its ability to increase antioxidants in blood can resist your age up to some extent. If you want to know about the health benefits of green tea, you can go through my article. Just boil a cup of water and put some green tea and close the lid for 2 minutes. Never use milk or sugar. But you can use lemon. Still, if you want a little sweetness, you can add a small spoon honey instead of sugar.
Include cereals and proteins in your daily food. Try to add any fresh fruit and salad in your diet daily. Prefer only seasonal fruits because thay contain only less chemicals. Try to use cereals with skins and vitamin A rich leafy vegetables. If you are able to include food rich in vitamin C like lemon, gooseberry, almond and egg white you can retain your youth and can remain more energetic. Also, you can have a handful of nut items like almonds, cashew nuts, ground nuts etc along with fruits.
Always include less calorie food more to fill your stomach. It's true that water is the best tonic to stay young. Not only it helps in disposing waste from our body, but also maintains our skin young, beautiful and shiny. So, even if you are away from home or busy at office, keep a bottle of water always near you.
Do's and don'ts
Have a nutritious breakfast daily.
Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.
Avoid junk food, bakery items and maida as much as possible.
Reduce the amount of sugar, salt, oil and dalda in your food.
Leave the habit of filling your stomach full while eating.

Make exercise a habit

Even a healthy plant will die if it doesn't get enough sunlight and water. Same is the case of human body too. If you don't give proper exercise to your body, obesity and diseases will attack it more easily giving you early symptoms of old age. If you exercise regularly, happy hormones, endorphin will be produced more in your body which can further produce more hormones. Also, overall metabolism of the body will be increased which helps in further break down of stored fat releasing more energy.
Exercise can be started at any age. Spare at least 30-45 minutes every day. Exercise is of two types - cardiovascular (aerobic and muscle strengthening) and anaerobic (using weight). You can do both every week, even mix them. Cardiovascular exercises increase the activities of both heart and lungs. Brisk walk, swimming and cycling comes under this category. It helps to pump more oxygen to skin keeping it young and shinning. Also, by the process of sweating waste and stored fat beneath the skin pores are pushed out of the body making it more clean and it helps your skin to breath easily.
Muscle strengthening exercises tone your muscles very well making it more stiff and help you appear less fatty. Dumb bells can be used for this purpose. Go to the nearby fitness center to start and continue there at least for 3 months. After that, you can do it at home itself. Do strengthening exercises for body, hands, shoulders, chest, legs and lower body, rotating exercise of each part at least 2 days a week. i.e. If you have done shoulder exercise today, give rest to them the next day and give exercise to hands or legs. Early morning is the best time for doing exercise. You can also prefer evenings according to your convenience. After doing exercise, you should give relax to your body at least 5 minutes.

Avoid using lift or remote for TV. It can bring a little exercise for your body. Avoid sitting in front of television a full holiday with snacks in hand. Instead go for a cycling or a small shopping. It will provide you with a small exercise. Take deep breaths often. Make it a habit.
Do's and don'ts
Exercise at least 5 days a week.
For short distances avoid vehicles and make walking a habit.
Give a little rest to your body as soon as you stop exercising.
For persons above 35 and having possibilities of hereditary diseases should take advice from doctor before starting heavy exercise.

Beauty care + Make up + Style = Young

If you begin to think, "I am not young. Is it necessary for a makeup?", can you stay young. The day which you start asking this question, your youthfulness is lost forever. How much you give importance to beauty care and make up is directly proportional to its retention too. Also, your dressing sense can also create a new look according to your age. Age shows its signs through skin. So, give it enough protection and care. Tensions, travelling, sleeplessness can really affect you and your skin. To avoid this, cleansing, toning, moisturizing etc should be done regularly. You can use face pack once in a week.
Clean your make up daily before going to sleep. You can apply a light moisturizing cream. After bath, make it a habit to use moisturizing cream daily. You can use body lotion for hands and legs and sleep wearing socks and gloves. It helps your skin to become softer. When you are going out in the day time, use a sunscreen lotion with sun protection factor 50. While you are at home, you can use sunscreen lotion with sun protection factor 15. Darkening around eyes show age. Apply an under cream with almond before you go to sleep.
Hair whitening and falling are other signals of old age. If you protect your hair, you can retain black and healthy hair. With the help of a beautician, select a hair shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair most. When you see a single white hair, see it as a warning signal and give care to your hair from further damages. You can use hair colouring twice a month to those whitened hairs at its root only. If you want to do hair colouring, do it once in 6 months only. Conduct a skin test and do it in a trusted beauty parlour only. If you apply egg white to your scrap once a week and wash it thoroughly after 20 minutes, it can give good protein nourishment to your hair. Comb your hair only gently and never do it in wet hair. But do it daily. It helps to increase blood circulation at hair routes which promotes its growth. Select a hair style that suits your face most with the help of a hair stylist.
Equal care should be given to make up too. Choosing a makeup that is best for you can increase your self confidence. Always choose best company products that suit your skin most. Always have a make up box in hand that contain cleanser, moisturizser, concealer, compact, foundation, lipstick, lip balm, eye liner, mascara, blusher, nail polish etc. Take some care while applying makeup too. If you apply foundation directly, your skin will become dry. Instead apply a moisturizing cream first. Then only use foundation. You can use anti-wrinkle cream also, if you have wrinkles on face.

Now, some tips for dressing. Select dresses that suit you most, keeping in mind the latest trend. Well cut blue jeans, well fit black trousers not so tight and black printed kurtha suit best for ladies above 30. Lavender, pista green, peach etc are best suited colours. You can use a simple pearl chain along with sari, kurtha or churidar which give you a classic and elegant look always. Even a stylish bag, purse or chapels can bring you a youth appearance.
Do's and don'ts
Choose make ups and ornaments that suit your age.
Try to wear simple ornaments focusing on any one.
Never choose a dress which doesn't satisfy you.
Never use extra make up.

Resist diseases

Your body should resist diseases if you want to stay young. Precaution is better than cure. So, it's better to keep your body healthy and fit and away from the foot marks of diseases. Certain good habits and discipline of life can really help you. If you feel tired or fatigue, never hesitate to show a doctor because the first symptom of every disease is tiredness. If you are able to maintain a good diet and proper exercise to your body you can maintain fitness of your body. Heart pain, losing body weight suddenly, sudden changes of skin, vomiting, dizziness, tiredness even if taken medicines etc should never be taken easy. Consult a doctor immediately. It is better to consult a doctor regularly. After 30, it is good to have an yearly checkup which may help you to know the possibilities of many diseases earlier.

Do's and don'ts
Regain correct body weight.
If you have possibilities for hereditary diseases, do consult doctor earlier itself avoiding future complications.
Avoid smoking and drinking.
Give sufficient rest to your body.

Give your mind youthfulness

Happiness, rest and tension free - 3 factors to keep your body and mind young. Try to find happiness in everything which will return you youthfulness in return. If you work for 6 hours continuously, you will approach old age earlier, latest studies say. So, give rest to your brain at frequent intervals. It gives more freshness to brain to work later. Sleep also plays an equally important role to retain young age. Sleep at least 8 hours daily. Try to do meditation 15 minutes before sleep. Be flexible always through your thoughts and actions which will surely help you to release many tensions. Peace of mind gives relax to body too. Give rest to body at holidays by giving it a body massage. Having small trips at holidays will give a lot of relaxation both to mind and body.
Positiveness towards life can help you to stay young. Good friends can really influence you a lot. Always be choosy while selecting friends. Select those people who understand you better. Make a stern decision in mind that you will never say even a single negative word. You can play any game with your friends, make it a habit. Appreciate others if they do something nice.
If someone asks you a help, never deceive him. Forward a helping hand, if you can. Give importance to family more than anything. Mingle with spouse and children as if they are friends. Positive approach not only makes you positive, but also make you more young, for sure.
Do's and don'ts
If you feel that you have done something good, appreciate yourself.
At leisure time engage yourself in some hobbies like tennis, watching a movie or listening music.
Keep distance from gossips and never feel jealous on others.
Avoid relations with persons who say only negative things.

Old age is really an agony and once it comes to our life, it never leaves us. Then why can't be try to make its arrival as late as possible? If we try, it's not a big task. Just we need in a strong determination and a sincere approach to acheive that goal. After all, our life is in our hands. Isn't it? In this article, I have provided some of the easy tips to stay young. Hoping it will help you a lot.

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