There are many benefits of decorating our house with plants. Most of us arrange plants at the outside of our house but there will be a lot of benefits if you place them in our washrooms also. To arrange them we need some time, interest and should follow fewtips.

How we spend time and arrange plants at the outside of the house, in the similar manner we should arrange them in washroom also. Suppose if there is no place in the washroom to place plants then you need to hang hanging pots. Due to this, the air in the washroom will be inhaled by these indoor  plants and they release fresh air for us. Therefore, our washrooms stop smelling badly. Especially this is much helpful for the people who have less ventilation in their washroom. In most of the houses people keep their washroom doors closed. So due to this, washroom smells very bad and we cannot be comfortable in the washroom. In such cases, we need to place or hang plants in it. Therefore, washroom will not smell and will be fresh always. Washrooms contain moisture continuously and due this moisture, warms, insects and fungus occurs. So to avoid these, we should place plants in the washroom. Therefore, the plants will inhale the moisture and no such insects, warms and fungus will be there.

Most of us will have a doubt, what kind of plants should be placed in the washrooms. The aloe Vera plant which is mostly used in our beauty products, it should be placed in the washrooms. This plant does not need any particular atmosphere, so it will grow anywhere. We can even place bamboo tree also. These plants are known as indoor plants.

 When your washroom smells a lot and there is no provision to place plants or to hang them too, then try to spray air freshener in the morning and evening or dip a cotton ball in a essence which is used in food items and place it in the bathroom. Therefore, the smell of essence will dominate bad smell. The smelling problem will go. You can even light a match stick too. The smell of matchstick also dominates the washroom bad smells.

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