Vastu you all know is an ancient science, according to which a house is made up of different elements and balance of these elements is required to maintain peace, harmony and prosperity in home. Each corner of house is dedicated to a particular...

Ensure Your Home and You Are Secure

Housebreaks have become the order of the day ( night) in all cities big and small. The robbers are becoming daring going to the extent of harming or injuring house owners seriously, if they try to thwart their attempts. In my city a lady having...

Presently, there are many reported cases of burglary everywhere and the requirement for burglary repairs has increased for residential as well as commercial building owners. Most of the time people have to face trauma of being robbed as well as the...

How To Maintain Woolen Clothes

We all know that woollens are very useful in winter. They have inbuilt climate control properties which keeps the body warm. They keep the body warm thus protecting it from cold. The winter season in India continues for 3-4 months and the woolen...

Make sure your washroom does not smell bad

There are many benefits of decorating our house with plants. Most of us arrange plants at the outside of our house but there will be a lot of benefits if you place them in our washrooms also. To arrange them we need some time, interest and should...

Houses and apartments these days are shrinking in size and even when you have a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment or house the lack of space forces you to make the rooms smaller. So, the only alternative left to the home owner is to make the best use of the...

Glass soothers during summers

Summers are around.... The rising temperatures may cause immense discomfort. The hot winds penetrating our homes during summers may make us restless. Hence it becomes necessary to take a few steps to create cool ambiance in our homes to pacify our...

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should presidential tenures in sports organisation be restricted to a time frame
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