On an everyday basis, we have to spare certain time for ourselves in which we can rest and relax our mind as well as body. This is the time when we leave all our activities behind i.e., completely withdraw ourselves from getting involved in them and try to concentrate only on our inner self. Once we introduce us to our inner self, everything becomes easy. The self-introduction will then make a path which when followed leads us to the Supreme Soul. An easy way to reach Him is through prayers. Each and every religion teaches the importance of prayers or meditation that needs to be done for certain duration throughout the day. This is not just a practice one has to perform out of respect instead one needs to make oneself aware of the real deep meaning that is hidden beneath prayers or meditation.


Concentration should be towards inside

Throughout our lives, we keep flourishing outwardly. Our numerous achievements and accomplishments keep promoting our outer world. However, due to our complete negligence towards inside, we will face hollowness and thus contentment is not complete. We have seen millionaires coming to places of worship and asking for contentment and peace. They often are heard of saying that something is been missing in their lives and ask God to take away their misery. Now if we think that money and materialistic comforts can provide us happiness then how come they are miserable. This is because their inner self is not contented and happy. No matter how much we achieve and flourish in outside world, if our inner world is not flourished then we will never remain happy.


Nourish inner world

We easily escape ourselves by saying that we do not have time for prayers, for worship and for meditation. We blame our busy lives, tight working schedules, rat race etc. Days keep on passing. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and months easily into years. Years keeping passing and we accomplish too much on our part but we do not stop even for a second and take care of that turbulence that is been going on inside us since a long period of time. The less time we spare for ourselves and leave our inner self-unheard, more damage it does to us. Every day our inner questions are left unheard and unsolved. This all leads to misery. The inner world is very very important and vital factor of our life which we cannot neglect. We have to nourish it if we want happiness in life.


Significance of meditation

Meditation leads to awakening. It increases concentration which is essential for us as it helps us to save ourselves. Prayers or meditation help us gain confidence in goodness. They educate us and help us discriminate between right and wrong energy and the right and wrong attitude. This power of discrimination is already present within us but since we do not use it for a long period of time, we feel we have lost it. Not only this, it brings back all the powers which are hidden from us and present in embedded space. One gets awakened to their spirit. Meditation comes as a true savior which teaches us the possibility and opens up scope for achieving not just time being superficial happiness but in fact highest happiness.


Meaning of meditation

Meditation increases concentrating the power of a soul and thus we will be able to achieve lots of things in small duration. The difficulty will be easily taken care of and exertion which we need to face will be of very small or even negligible amount. Spirituality grows with high meditative power. Meditation does not mean sitting in a place for a certain duration with eyes closed whereas mind lingers in worldly things. It means total concentration. Does not matter whether eyes are closed or not, does not matter whether a person is sitting, standing or lying down, all matters is his focus is shifted from outside to inside. This is what meditation is all about. Once consciousness shifts from outside to inside, one gets introduced to one's soul.


Mediation means an increase in concentration

Meditation always enhances power. It spreads light and takes away the darkness. This will nourish our inner self. Concentration on physical aspect will bless us with good health which means we will be free from all sorts of diseases. Concentration in mind increases its sharpness. It blesses us with mental health and good memory power. Concentration on outer world whether it is in business or job will yield achievements in these fields. Concentration on relationships will make them healthy and pure. Concentration on studies will make us intellectual. Similarly, concentration on the spiritual world will lead us to the path of enlightenment.


Prayer is a type of meditation

Prayers are nothing but a kind of meditation where we connect ourselves with Supreme Soul. Prayers, concentration, meditation are all same where a person becomes aware of himself, awakens completely and is directed towards spiritual regeneration. Supreme Soul is an ocean of love, life, and positive energy. Connection with Him itself is our highest purpose and this is what is been taught in each and every prayer no matter to what religion it belongs. Also, the main motive of meditation and prayers is to help us rise from being superficial and shallow to Higher Supreme Source. It helps us get rid of all our imperfections in life. Infinite energy replaces our shallowness and limitations that we have been storing in our body and mind since ages.



Meditation as it draws attention towards inside, insecurity and fear vanish completely. Now work too seems like a worship as one does not care about the results they are going to yield as the outcome of their deeds. Their work seems like a recreation to them. Meditation blesses us in all the aspects. Good health, intellectual power, the awakening of the soul, good relationships with other souls and most important spiritual illumination and salvation from worldly matters are all gifted to us if we take our prayers seriously or else concentrate on our meditation period seriously.

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