The helplessness that marked the statement of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Yusaf Raja Gilani, expressing his country's inability to guarantee that the kind of terrorist attack which shook India on the financial capital of India, Mumbai would not be repeated, has an ironical ring about it. The statement is coming from the head of the state of a failed nation whose one point agenda has been to destablise in hundreds and thousands ways finally, to be caught miserably in its dirty game. Today the blood-letting of scale which are currently witnessing in Pakistan is the culmination of all misguided and mindless policies of this nation ever since its birth.


Pakistan was born out of partition and its first Mohammad Ali Jinnah declared it be a secular democracy and he lived to rue the mistake of creating Pakistan in the very short life he lived after its birth. Pakistan brief honeymoon with democracy was over within years. In its existence all these years the most time it remained under Military rule which punctuated by brief spells of civilian rule. The greatest tragedy was that all the Pakistani leaders could never free themselves from pathological hatred for India. In the pursuit its destructive India-centric policies, they forgot the well-being of their own people. Pakistani society still retains all the paraphernalia of a feudal system. The ruling elite have grabbed all the foreign aid to line their pocked to lead a lavish and luxuriant lives, while the common masses are denied all the fruits of development. The result has been horrendous. Absence of true education has pushed the common folks into the laps of obscurantist mullahs who have established religious seminaries all over the country to churn out jihadis and human bombs!


Pakistan's position and behaviour has be understood in the historical backdrop. After the Second World War when the world saw the emergence of two power blocks led by USA and USSR, India chose to become the founder member of the Non-Aligned Movement which was formed by Nehru along with some other leaders. Thus incurred the wrath of the USA who grew suspicious of India of being a satellite of the USSR. In its search for a partner to contain communism Pakistan suited ideally. Our region became the chessboard of these two power blocks. Pakistan started receiving help and supplies both military as well as financial and launched a few unsuccessful wars with India which resulted in greater humiliation forcing to have a nuclear option and preparations for development of nuclear weapons began with full knowledge and support of the USA.


When USSR attacked Afganistan and occupied it, Pakistan became the fulcrum on which US-led resistance began and it produced jihadis to free Afganistan with American help. The USSR's defeat and subsequent breakup of the USSR itself marked the end of the cold war and emergence of USA as the sole super power. With Pakistan's role thoroughly diminished, and Pakistan becoming the number one terror-exporting country of the world , the USA started to have a good look at the Frankeinstein it has created over the decades. Even the fall of Twin Towers in the terrorist attack had its origin on the soils of Pakistan. Talibans have made deep inroads in to the territories and built up safe havens for themselves in hands and glove with a part of the Pakistani establishment. Its most infamous military intelligence wing ISI is actively involved with Taliban elements. The entire nation has become the playing and killing fields of Taliban. This how the cookie crumbles!

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