Punishment to corrupt female IAS of MP

Category: Daily Dose 7 years ago
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  • Re: Punishment to corrupt female IAS of MP

    by » 7 years ago

    :) Just I am watching news channel news 24. The court sentenced to a female IAS for corruption, 50laks penalty and 5 years prison sentence. It is sign of change and effect of public's agitation against corruption.

    I don't know how the officer will pay the penalty. she may have to undergo longer jail sentence instead. But she is also penalized indirectly as she will be no longer in service as a result of jail sentence.

    I fail to understand why they penalize them with financial penalties instead of confiscating their property. Does that mean if she can pay Rs one crore then she can be set free from her other five years term?

    No she will not set free if she paid penalties. 5 Year sentence and 50 laks penalty. I think hear PF and other properties attached to recover penalty.

    Other properties may be attached. But provident fund cannot be attached as that is immune from attachment by any court.

    You know better than me sir, thanks for this information. thanks :)

    Mostly such offenders have Benami properties which are hard to locate and attach but the properties in their name should immediately be attached/confiscated found in their name. That will become a lesson to others.

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