What I write is with a heavy heart. I have read the letter the 3 service chiefs wrote to the Prime Minister voicing their dissatisfaction against curtailment of privileges by 7th pay commission and non-approval of OROP as defined by 2 parliaments and the Koshyari Commission. This  letter is unprecedently in nature and voices the dissatisfaction of the forces with Modi.

Can one think of a similar letter by a Chief in US Army to US president? This is because Modi has no comprehension of military power. Things cannot be done in half measures. The army is the "LAST" line of defence and with the country beset by violence and insurgency from Kashmir to NE India , the army is the ONLY unifying force. I request readers to ponder over this.The army has to be kept high on morale and cannot be taught patriotism.The privileges downgraded from the time of Nehru must be restored. I am afraid this topic will have limited interest as many do not know the intricacy of the armed forces. All the same the idea is to light a candle in this field. There is an article I have just finished on the subject today and may appear soon.

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