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  • Re: Reservation & Its Misinterpretation

    by » one year ago

    jabeen wrote:
    Kalyani Nandurkar wrote:
    jabeen wrote:
    Arunima Singh wrote:

    A caste based reservation is not a wise step. Most of the discrimination in society are due to economic disparity. If you belong to a lower caste but are economically sound, you can enjoy all the opportunities in life as you can financially afford it. Such people do not deserve to get reservation or favor of any sort. Caste based reservation is a never ending thing because for generations will belong to same caste. Economic based reservation if implemented well can be very effective. If one generation gets the favor, the next generation will not need it.

    I personally feel that there should be no reservation. I would advocate for a good quality free education for all poor till Senior Secondary and then education loan to empower them for further studies based on merit.

    But if we want to really work on bridging the social gap, we can implement only economic based reservation in 20%. Rest 80% should be free of quota. If this only is implemented effectively, we can see the changes in few years.

    Our reservation system is more of eye wash and political stunt. On ground level, it is not working for what it is intent to work.

    If I am not mistaken, even at present those belonging to lowere caste but economically in a better position cannot enjoy quota as there is creamy layer system. 

    I am really not sure if the creamy layer system is just there for certain poeple because I personally quite a few people who belong to backward classes but own substantial properties and income and still get reservation benefits.

    That's the problem with India. Though the creamy layer concept is there to prevent misuse of quota system, as it is not properly implemented, many undeserving people take benefits of reservation system.

    A person whose earning is up to 8 lacs is out of creamy layer. But people are not satisfies with it because in these salary of IPS or a person who is state civil service is  more than 8 lacs.

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