Format for inviting friends

Category: Help 11 years ago
Please share the format of inviting friends . I want to invite my friends and need a good format to send so that they will join for sure.

Thank you.
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    by » 11 years ago

    Yes Pankaj,
    We are making a good formatted email to attract the user to register. Currently the email send has only the referral code.
    We will soon replace it with a better one.

    -Atul Barapatre

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    by » 11 years ago

    You can always add your custom message on invitation page so that your friends know who is sending the mail and they will join for sure :)

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    by » 11 years ago

    If you want a professional format for inviting your friends to join the site you may follow the one i am posting(only if you find it good enough)

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