Size of your waist is important

Waist of a woman is her real identity as far as her beauty is concerned. Waist size is a clear indication of fitness of a particular woman and her awareness about health. A health conscious woman knows how to keep herself in shape and workout properly. A woman who knows how to keep her weight according to her height and age lives a longer life. The right body mass index (BMI) is the secret of a healthy woman and she happily shares it. In fact, this is the only secret that she shares without giving a second thought. Now you can convert your height into meters easily, here is the converter for your ready reference- weight divided by your height in meter²                         

           The BMI                                    BMI formula 

The weight, height, age, or martial status is part of the calculation because every person has a different built and background therefore the standard of BMI differs as per maintenance of body by a particular person. However, the standard BMI is in between 19-23 as per world health organization W.H.O. has set standards considering climate, built of the average residents of a particular country. According to W.H.O. the standard waist size of women in India should be in between 24 to 32 inches depending upon weight and height, other conditions applied as per martial status, children etc. here is height chart for your ready reference-   

For example your weight is 55kg and height 5’3” that makes your BMI 55 divided by 1.6x1.6= 21.5, which is exactly accurate according to standard set by WHO.

Here is the chart of standard B.M.I according to height

Height chart

                                                    (Chart and photo by author)   

However, this chart may vary according to area, keeping different weather conditions and hilly states etc in mind where women are shorter but built strongly according to local conditions. 

We have a chart for standard waist size according to W.H.O.


 (Chart and photo by author)

The waist of course is standard of beauty but never try to go for size zero otherwise you may suffer from low blood pressure, lack of calcium level in bones and if you are pregnant, your child may also suffer due to lack of calcium and other nutrients. Women who mostly stay at home for different reasons social, unsafe conditions or being home wife makes them more inactive. The only job for them remains is domestic work, which they are no more interested to do.

                                                              Normal BMI Normal BMI

You should do to keep your waist in shape

If your calculation indicates, your BMI in between 23-27 you must consider yourself as overweight but you can still control it by self-efforts. You may take an expert advice of your physician or dietician but you can get rid of this extra fat and save yourself from many problems like breast cancer, cervical cancer, stones in gal bladder and complication during pregnancy are some of the problems those may take place if you do not take an immediate step to control the situation.

Yoga is another option


The ancient art of yoga, the most popular way to keep fit and healthy in most scientific styles is another option for you to keep in perfect shape you can try a few particular exercises capable of keeping your waist in perfect shape and size-

Respiratory system

How you Breath have an important role in your weight control especially related to waist- Sit in position of Sukhasana, the posture best known for control of breathing. Concentrate on breathing counting from twenty-seven to one inhaling and releasing every time as one unit, do it in descending order for better concentration, this is indication of bringing oneself from future to present. Keep your neck and back in absolute straight position while in this particular posture.  

-Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar

To control obesity Surya Namaskar is considered one of the best postures with very effective results. Practicing this particular technique in 10-12 rounds per day begins the process of diluting the body fat and your other vital body organs like lungs, heart, joints of bones, face, eyes, hair etc immensely improved along with beneficial for removing different defects from the body. Pregnant women, heart patients or people suffering from hypertension should exercise this particular posture under the guidance of an expert. 

Om                                                                            Om.svg

The pronunciation of word ‘Om’ in particularly prescribed way, the word a combination of A, O and M signify Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh in religious way. Otherwise scientifically considered the best remedy that helps getting rid of Vaat, Pitta and cough, signify fire, wind, cold etc also related to digestion, wellness of body tissues and cells also breathing in the best way. Pronouncing as long as possible Om every time while releasing or taking breath in your lungs gives wonderful results to keep you fit and healthy.

Right diet and nutrition is the key


Your diet has most important support you can provide to yourself while trying to control your body weight, keeping your waistline in shape and reducing obesity. There are certain foods you should cut out from the menu or keep them well within limited quantity like sugar, white bread, fine flour, oil, ghee, saturated fat, processed foods, red meat, cold drinks liquor, foods containing excess calories etc as these would only increase the problem. Drinks like coffee, milk, alcohol are also not suitable for you.

You should add more vegetables, fruits and water in your eating habits as consumption of such items makes you feel filled but intake of calories go down to minimum quantity. Eating oatmeal, whole grains, boiled vegetables, water of raw coconut are some other foods good for you.

Do it systematically  

Waist size

Finally consuming low calories, morning walks, yoga, physical activities and will to reduce is the only way to keep your waist in good shape. You should take extra care to not to do any thing that can harm your health like never try to starve but do it in phased manner. Doing it in an unplanned manner always make things worse and you only add more fat around your waist more than you loose.

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