The Indian constitution enjoins the state to enforce a uniform civil code. However, the  Indian state has so far flouted this. On the contrary, some Hindus have stated that enforcing this statute will mean that Hindus want to convert Muslims. It must be noted that NO Muslim has stated this argument. I have a question as there is the extreme reluctance to tamper with Sharia then why not scrap this proviso in the constitution? This will also gladden hearts of many Hindus who want that constitution be not followed.I have however a flip side to this and that is that constitution must be upheld and I am sure if a uniform personal code is enforced the Muslims will accept it. In any case, the constitution is made for India and not for only Muslims or Hindus. India has the dubious distinction in the world of being the ONLY country allowing separate personal law for a section of people. I throw this topic for discussion


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Do you think love marriage is better than arranged marriage?

Do you think love marriage is better than arranged marriage?
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