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:woohoo: Question: "How to Kill an Ant??" :woohoo:

Asked in an Exam for 10 Marks!! :evil:

Mix Chilli Powder with Sugar, :angry:
keep It Outside the Ant's Hole..! :blink:

After eating, Ant will Search for some Water near a Water tank. :ohmy:

Push ant in to it.. =!! ;)

Now Ant will go to Dry itself Near Fire, :pinch:
When it Reaches fire, Put a Bomb into D fire..!!

Then Admit Wounded Ant in ICU..!! =O :unsure:

And Then Remove Oxygen Mask from it's Mouth and Kill the Ant.. !! =| :S

Don't Play with Students.. !! B) B) B)
They can Do any thing for 10 Marks.. :laugh: :P
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