Modi like Vajpayee came into power on a string of promises but 4 years down the line he has proved he is a step behind the UPA.  For the first time, the 6 southern states have joined hands and demanded greater allocation of revenue. As it stands for every rupee recovered from 6 southern states only 30 paise come to the south and the rest goes to North Indian Hindi states. This is creating a big divide and one should not forget that East Pakistan broke away from Pakistan on THIS Ground( allocation of revenue).

Let the armed forces on which the country rests being downgraded and OROP as per approval of Parliament not passed and INDIAN DEFENSE BUDGET REDUCED> how silly.

Talking always of Jai Shri Ram when people want food and jobs.No action on Kashmir and almost lost the valley. There are tens of other points and yet NOT A SINGLE NAME has come forward who had stored black money. Its time Modi was sent home.

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