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Manoj Kumar Lamba
Platinum Mate
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10 years ago
I think it is 6 months old thread. Government schools are improving their quality by appointing good teachers. Quality of education brings good result. It depends on the teacher and the student. A good teacher will analyze the student capacity and the way how to improve them. Most of the marks got by the student is not based on private or govt school it depends on the student will power and how he proved is talent in exam time.

Though there are qualified teachers in the government schools, but parents don't like to send their children to government schools because the teacher in government schools will get transferred at any time leaving behind the vacant seat of that subject. For example if there is a physics teacher in government school, and he/she got transfered in between, then government will take 5-6 months or more to fulfill the vacant seat and in between the study will be disturbed badly.

mohan manohar
Diamond Mate
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10 years ago
In general the quality of education is decline, but there are some govt schools which has been doing excellently, no doubt a still hope for back n 80s where govt school education was very competitive. :whistle: :whistle:

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