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Need any help with the features on Post them here and get them clarified.

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  • Regarding Article Writing and Payment

    I need some clarification regarding my payment. I know this is not the first time that I am asking this question, but I need a clarification regarding article writing and...
  • Payment Procedure

    Kindly help me with this query. At what time of the month can we expect to get our pay check? Also, no where in this site I was asked to furnish my bank details (IFSC code,...
  • How to do a threaded discussion?

    I have been pointed out by avoid or refrain from answering in a row. So when I am using the quick reply button to answer to a particular ongoing
  • Karma???

    I want to know what does Karma mean in boddunan? Can anyone please enlighten me?
  • Regarding article writing

    Hi, I am new to boddunun, but now that I have read the rules to compose an article at boddunun, I have a few queries rather concerns. While directly writing an article in the...
  • No cheque till now

    I have not received my cheque till now. What's the status. I had no intention to write here in forum but whenever I write an email to Bodunnan support, I never get any response. :(
  • Internet modem problem- cable unplucked.

    I have Tikona internet connection. I am facing connectivity problems since some time. I get the message on screen- one of the cables is unplucked, even though none is...
  • Release of payments

    Hi, Was wondering about what's the regular process of release of payments? The status in payments section is showing that on 2nd of May payments were approved by the editor...
  • Where I an find my earnings?

    Hi, I have been associated with Boddunan since long, but after Boddunan's transformation into new look, I have not be active frequently. Can anyone help me in finding out...
  • Balance is showing less, I guess

    I have been active on Boddunan forum the entire month of March and the balance is showing only Rs. 10. Does it take time to update the balance?
  • How can I contact admin?

    Hello, I just need to contact the admin to know the status of the payment. I am totally blank about that issue and groping in the dark. Please someone help me or the admin come...
  • Need more help

    Hi, I am back with another question. I am really finding it hard to get time to write articles here. However, I can be occasionally active on the forum. Will that be fine to be...
  • Not paid yet

    Hello all, It has been quite a while since the status on my dahsboard is showing "paid". However, there is still no sign of the cheque or the bank transfer. How long...
  • I have 1480 rupees as my earnings in my boddunan account

    Hi support, I would like to bring to your notice that I have 1480 rupees in my account for last so many years. I referred so many new members to boddunan community and written...
  • Article writing.

    What is the meaning of reducing space on top and on lower side of article?
  • article approval

    I just wanted to know, how many days are required to get an article approve. It's been long. I had submitted my articles quite few days back. It shows editor approved. Pending...
  • How to add a question in quiz?

    I am facing a problem when I going to add a question in my created quiz. Where will I write a question? I did not get any form to write a question. I just saw a notice that...
  • Self Introduction as a new memeber of this site

    Hi, Good afternoon everyone. My self Sujit (SD) and am new member of boddunan family. Please accept me as a forum member. Thnx............. Have a nice day!!!!
  • Troubleshooting at Admin review

    i have submitted a article 4 days ago from today i.e, 16th december. but its status as shown pending admin review. May I know that maximum how many days required for admin...
  • How to earn more

    Guyss as I am new here so can please tell me how we can earn more money on this site and by doing what activity, we can earn fast??