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12 years ago
It is a very good opportunity to make money.Thanks for introducing it. :) :) :)
Junior Boarder
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12 years ago
thanq :) ;) ;)
Abhishek Dua
Diamond Mate
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12 years ago
This will definitely be a good opportunity for making few bucks.
Abid Areacode
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12 years ago
I think the number of questions and key words received and accepted may be revealed as the members are eager to know it.

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467 4.93k 33.8k
12 years ago
How you are going to keep in track of the questions that are repeated?.Because In polls section I see lot of polls are repeated.
294 4.16k 6.61k
12 years ago
We received over 60 questions and about 25 were approved till now. Most of them are came after announcing cash credits.

The basic thing about the questions are not followed by most members.

Answer should be a WORD only, and does not contain any special characters including space.

Hope we will get more responses.

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neetu jain
Diamond Mate
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12 years ago
thanks maverick for providing the more information about posting crossword questions.........
12 years ago
could anyone set one example for crossword game question so other member and me will get help to know more.

Santosh Kumar Singh


Kalyani Nandurkar
Editor & Super Moderator
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12 years ago
Santosh, to illustrate this better, here is an example:

Question: an athletic game where a baton is passed to a series of members

Answer: Relay

This is just an example for the sports category! Trust this has made it clear for you!

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Ronark Bhardwaj
62 6.44k 40.5k
12 years ago
Well, i am not able to submit question in crossword section. When i am clicking on 'submit the question' section, the section is not opening.
Please help me ,what i can do.

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