• Gauri Lankesh Murder, What does it mean to Karnataka & India Politics?

    Brutal Murder of Senior Journalist Gauri Lankesh, What are the motives behind and who are involved?

  • Going Gulf for Job, how do you think?

    If a person is getting more than a double salary in gulf but need to stay alone, Should he move to gulf countries ??

    I think NO. what do you think?

  • Graduation helps to get job?

    We all persuade higher education. But does it assist in getting you a better job?

  • Happy Dussehra to all members

    Wishing all members a very Happy Dussehra. Let's celebrate this festival of win of good over evil and hope that troubles and obstacles in every body's life are ended just like Ravana was ended by Lord Rama .

  • Have you every fallen asleep at an unusual place

    Hi all! There are many of us who are deprived of sleep and always try to catch up with their sleep. Sleep deprived

  • Hello Everyone! How are you all doing?

    Hello everyone, 


    How it's going, it has been long time when I logged in back! 



    Thank You


  • Hope for Ram Mandir in next term of BJP

    Do you think that if BJP is given another chance, it will be successful in making Ram Mandir or will BJP still continue to use Ram Mandir issue as a bait for gaining more votes even after coming to power in 2019 ?

  • How Burma Treats it Muslims, the Rohingya's

    Burma is India's eastern neighbour and became free at about the same time as India. It was also under British rule and much of Burma including rail and other developments is courtesy the British Raj. the population of Burma is 53 million and 90% of the this is Buddhist. The remaining are

  • How Rude and Shameless the Big Shots son's became

    An incident in AP occurred. A bigshot (AP Ministors) son bad behavior with a lady publicly on road. These are captured in CC camera.

  • How To Change Your Money Making Mindset.


    The man passes through various stages of life, thinking of making his life the best. All luxuries which a person wants in his life lead him or her to various miseries, possess various tests, ups, and downs, and reach to an extent of the thing or maybe to higher levels of

  • How to ensure security of transactions and passwords

    In the online and internet media how to ensure that our passwords are not stolen or done away with. Also how to know whether in a smartphone any transaction is secure or not as no green https is shown on login page in mobile sites. Are they reliable. Also it is said that Android phones are

  • How would it be like to live with the covid-19 virus when lockdown eventually ends in india

  • Human chameleon

    I had a friend that means, but the first friends were no longer in a big company

     From the time Edge Eclark used to work, friends were coyly type then somehow the company

     Grabbed the head manager and slowly got the project manager's chair from the

  • Human cloning ban should be lifted ?

    Scientists have proved that with the help of human cloning it is possible to re-generate body organs such as heart. Human cloning has power to create humans which can live a very long and healthy life. But scientists such as Steven Hawkins have warned that human cloning can produce super humans


    forming supra-national organizations, inking treaties or deepening diplomatic ties are a few ways generally suggested to a global pacifist as the means of utter headway.On the contrary, mutual respect interlaced with proximal understanding into one , among the nations , lie at the heart of

  • Humanity witnessed at the time of Corona..

    Humanity at the time of Corona.

    Keywords: Humanity, Inhuman activities, Covid 19.

    The past year and the present one witnessed a lot of inhuman activities going around in society in the name of Corona. Everyone was home

  • Ideas to grow and make user friendly site

    In order to improve the site i think we can have a recorder of voice like in google search so that we can write down articles fastly by just speech. If there are any software professional he can do it i guess. And he can be paid for the service as per the terms. Any other ideas to improve the

  • If time rewind and turn back....

    If you could rewind time and go back what would you like to do once again?

  • Impact of movies on present society?

    I feel Movies play important impact in life.. as we humans will remember what we see visually have a great impact than what we read or hear.. now a days even small kids are imiting what hero does on the big screen..

    Mythological movies have more impact like if we watch those we will